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Fitness For Kids…

The Fight Factory is a great place for children to come along and keep fit learning the sport of boxing. Boxing is proven not only to assist with self-defence, but it also teaches children discipline, increases confidence and provides an outlook for them to realease any excess frustration they may have.

Affiliated by the ABA, The Fight Factory is a bonified boxing club, run by professional coaches with many years of boxing and fitness experience.

Ages 5-10 …..

Children will be taught the basics of boxing and fitness in a great environment. These ‘non-contact’ sessions are huge fun for the children whilst offering them increased fitness, discipline, confidence and self-esteem. some exceptional cases we will take some children that are younger.

Ages 10+ …..

At 10 years old children are old enough to join The Fight Factory Boxing Club. They are taught the fundamentals of boxing, along with numerous life-skills, self-defence and fitness to ensure they are given the best start to their boxing career. Whether they want to take the sport up competitively or just want to box for fun they are welcome at The Fight Factory. We will work with the children, taking into account their ability, to develop both their boxing skills and their fitness levels allowing them to achieve as much as they want to achieve based upon their passion and desire for the sport.

Schools, Sports Clubs & Organisations …..

For schools and organisations looking to introduce boxing to their pupils or clients, The Fight Factory is available to support you in a variety of ways. We have;

  • Worked with Schools delivering boxing training as part of their Physical Education Clases.
  • Worked with Football & Rugby Clubs offering alternative methods to the training they use (Both Children and Adult teams)
  • Worked with children who have been excluded from School to help with discipline and anger issues

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